Graduate School Electrochemical Energy Storage (GS-EES)

Batteries and Fuel Cells will be key components in our future energy economy, due to their flexibility, power and their capability to store and/or deliver electrical energy from renewable sources. As solar and wind power are both intermittent, a stabilization is needed of electrical grids. At the same time, more and more private homes will produce and use their own electricity by harvesting sunlight in solar panels and intermediate storage of the generated electricity in batteries. Powerful electric cars with long driving range will be fueled by electricity from batteries or by fuel cells and portable applications will be powered by small and lightweight batteries for long operation. The realization of such a future needs motivated and skilled scientists and engineers and the Graduate School “Electrochemical Energy Storage” will offer a comprehensive program of lectures and further qualification for students. Preferred are Chemists, Material Scientists, Mechanical Engineers, and Physicists who are aiming at a doctoral degree in their respective topic. The Graduate School GS-EES will be established in the summer semester 2019. It will offer a broad scope, taking into account that Electrochemical Energy Storage and -Conversion is a highly interdisciplinary field where related competences are needed in Synthetic and Materials Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Powder Technology and Process Engineering.

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